"I can't believe that just worked..." - Ryan Creston

The MissionEdit

Already legendary as one of the most complex operations in espionage history, The Team was hired to bring down a terrorist organization operating out of Bombay with influence extending into the city's business community, police force, and political leaders. In order to destroy every branch of the organization without driving the others into hiding, The Team was forced to execute a series of simultaneous, inter-dependent infiltration and sabotage operations, with the timing of the entire operation orchestrated down to the second.


The operation went off nearly without a hitch. However, the Team was nearly compromised when Rembrandt went briefly off the mission plan for personal reasons. The act was highly divisive, with some on the team considering it highly unprofessional while others applauded him for his courage and convictions in adhering to The Freelancers' Code. In the end, the entire team came through, and the entire operation was successful, firmly cementing the Team's reputation throughout the freelance community.


The Blitz was the Team's largest operation to date, and the one that first earned them a reputation for their effectiveness in large-scale operations. However, it also revealed certain cracks in the team that might someday be exploited by their enemies. Further, it earned them the attention of Boss Vamana, an international criminal with a large financial stake in the terrorist organization they had dismantled.

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