Sean Eastmoore is the high-powered lawyer and occasional acquaintance of the mercenary Ryan Creston, known as the Ace of Spades. He earned his law degree Harvard. While he was there, he made a number of connections with foreign government officials and even a few representatives of underground organizations such as Al Qaeda and the Kombinat. He has amassed a significant fortune by defending individuals and organizations worldwide. Any connections to Creston's illegal activities other than as his lawyer are of an entirely deniable nature. Eastmoore is largely without morals - his one motivator is money, of which Creston - and the Kombinat - has plenty.

Eastmoore is rumored to have connections with the Kombinat, specifically with Yuri Vasiliev , an underboss and gunrunner for the Obshina.


So far, Mr. Eastmoore has appeared in no missions.


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"Weaselly little bastard. People like him are the reason I like to make sure my targets never see the inside of a courtroom." - Janus

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