Ryan Creston's parents were killed when their Lear jet burst into flames and subsequently crashed during a routine flight from Chicago to LA. Their entire $1.32 billion estate was left to their son. Ryan was a sophomore in high school.

In the wake of his parents' deaths, Creston became increasingly unstable. He took up street racing as a hobby, flaunting his wealth and exhibited an apparent fearlessness in the face of death that troubled his teachers and friends. Creston was arrested on multiple occasions for various misdemeanors (including posession of various illegal substances) and even a couple of felonies (street racing in particular). His high-powered lawyer was able to get him off the hook and at age 18 his record was wiped clean. He managed not to fuck up long enough to graduate from highschool and was accepted to UC San Diego.

In San Diego, Creston behaved much the same. He was immediately hooked into the burgeoning street racing scene of the city and quickly found himself on the wrong side of the law. During a routine traffic stop, Creston was discovered to be transporting five keys of china white. He took off from the stop and was pursued – by most of the San Diego Police Department. During the course of the chase, he nudged a police cruiser, which careened into an embankment, killing one of the officers inside instantly. The other died in intensive care three days later. Creston's lawyer Sean Eastmore was able to get him out of prison on bail, but after repeated death threats and a promise from the mayor that he would do life in prison, Creston decided his time might be better spent overseas.

He proceeded at once to Moscow. Using his connections in the street racing circuit, he got a job smuggling for the Kombinat (an association of Russian mob families), making contact with Yuri Vasiliev . It was an extremely lucrative arrangement, but more importantly, he was good at it. He quickly earned himself a reputation as a man who could get the job done, and a rap sheet with Interpol. To turn down the heat, Creston was sent to Equador as an advisor for a sale of fifty Soviet surplus Mig 23s. After serving a tour in South America, Creston finally returned to the States under an assumed identity and took up work as mercenary under the handle...

The Ace of Spades

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