Dr. Reinhold Wolfgang Finch III - codename 'The Prussian' - is not technically German, being born in San Francisco, but his father was, as was his grandfather Reinhold Wolfgang von Finchmeister, who was reportedly a mid ranking SS officer during WWII. Seeing the end of the war coming, and his clear involvment with the soon to be defeated side, Reinhold Sr. smuggled his wife, Greta, and newly born son out of the Fatherland to America, via Mexico. He was killed shortly afterwards attempting to escape from a Russian patrol searching for a secret cache of Nazi gold. Changing their name to just 'Finch' upon entering the USA to avoid scrutiny, Reinhold Jr. grew up uneventfully in rural Wyoming. He attended Stanford and graduated with a degree in business law, becoming a business lawyer in SF. He married Wendy Helstrom, the daughter of one of his clients, Anthony Helstrom, a media mogul. He practically disowned his daughter for her involvement with who he called "A young punk bumpkin who shouldn't be poking his grubby little fingers where they don't belong". Needless to say, his business and personal relationship with his father-in-law was soon terminated. They had Reinhold III not long afterwards. Reinhold Jr. died in 2002 and Wendy died in 2004.


Always a bright lad, he attained his Ph.D. in Cybernetics from MIT at 21, and another in Implantation Surgery at 24, and has since been working at UC Berkley as a tenured professor. He has had an on and off relationship with one of the other faculty members, Laurel Fredrickson. He currently lives near Berkley campus, in a small 3 bedroom home, and rents one of his rooms to Justin Kim, his most trusted and promising grad-student. Always seeking adventure and a outlet to try out some of his more experimental designs, he joined forces with The Team after being introduced to them via Alexi Pachirakov. He has been using his secret lifestyle to help him fund his private research and push the bounds of technology even further.

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