Prancer is the codename of an opposing operative encountered in Sydney about whom little is known, although she was willing and able to threaten The Team with grenades in a small hotel room. The Prussian's research indicated that she worked for Russian organized crime as a thief and assassin, including a stint as a guerilla in Chechnya for the Obschina. He also linked her to Cameo's organization, working for a team called Tranquility-6.

She later turned out to be one and the same with as Tatya Ivanov, a young woman whose physical charms and racing motorcycle earned her the attentions of Ryan Creston. Things seemed to be going well until he gracelessly began pursuing her friend Katherine Zidler, an act which endeared him to neither woman; both, as it turns out, were enemy agents.

During the fight on Davenport's yacht, she fired on Janus with an AK-47, including an underbarrel grenade launcher. Later, she pursued Ace through the coral reefs off Australia attempting to retrieve the critical briefcase, but he escaped with the prize.


Pattern, System, Incident


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