An old employer gets in touch, offering a job to figure out why a two-bit actor suddenly can't lose at the high-ante tables -- and why he carries the same briefcase that followed at least two others in strings of good luck. What's more, you're the second person to take the job: one of your old partners had it first, but he went missing and now five others of your network, your friends, are dead. Does your pal need rescuing, or two in the back of the head?

Mission Details

Campaign Qualities: None

Caliber: III

Known Objectives:

  • Recover the briefcase (critical)
  • Bring Magi back for debriefing or terminate him with extreme prejudice

Net Worth Reward:$500,000 Net Worth

Known Exposure Penalties: The following occurrences generate exposure.

  • Attracting media attention (without a disguise, etc.): –$300,000 Net Worth

Individuals InvolvedEdit

Alexi Pachirakov


Henry Davenport

After-Action ReportEdit

Mission DescriptionEdit

Sometimes a mission goes as planned. And then there's The Davenport Job. Soon after The Team assumed their cover and checked in to their hotel rooms in Sydney, it became clear that their target was more formidable than his appearance would indicate. Despite the team's meticulous monitoring of Davenport's actions and the tight control they placed on the hotel's security and operating systems, Davenport always seemed to be one step ahead of them. Further complicating matters was the intervention of Tranquility-6, a rival team of highly trained operatives also dedicated to the retrieval of the briefcase. When attempts to retrieve the briefcase from Davenport's penthouse by both teams were thwarted, The Team orchestrated a kidnapping attempt outside of a local nightclub, only to once again have Davenport elude their grasp. In addition, the team's first encounter with Magi yielded more questions than answers, as Magi urged the Team to stay away and begged for more time to complete his own investigation of Davenport.

Meanwhile, Team Agent Rembrandt infiltrated Davenport's World Poker Tournament and managed to gamble his way to a private meeting on Davenport's yacht. He was joined by the Ace and Janus in a support capacity, though due to a slip-up by Janus while navigating Davenport's tight security the Team was forced to go in unarmed. This proved disastrous when a bomb went off on board the yacht, killing Davenport and pitting the Team against Tranquility-6 in a pitched battle for the briefcase. The Team was quickly subdued by skilled martial artist "Ian", and the timely support of Felix in his submersible sled was counteracted by the arrival of a heavily-armed helicopter under the control of the opposition. In the ensuing chaos Felix and Janus were badly wounded by gunfire from the helicopter, though not before a vengeful Janus fatally stabbed Ian.

As the Team floated in the ocean, stranded by the sinking of the yacht, they once again made contact with Magi, who stopped by only long enough to check on Davenport's whereabouts before leaving them to their fate. Unfortunately, the fleeing Magi crossed paths with The Prussian, en route to the scene of the explosion. A well-placed shot with the Team's heavily modified grenade launcher finally put an end to Magi's flight. Reunited on board the boat, the Team collected Magi and delivered him to a local safe house, leaving Ace behind to search the wreckage of Davenport's yacht. After confirming Davenport's demise and collecting the real briefcase from his safe, Ace narrowly managed to avoid Tranquility-6 and meet up once again with his teammates, handing the briefcase and its mysterious contents over to Foxcraft and successfully completing the mission.

Experience RewardEdit

Defeating Tranquility-6: 14,400

Defeating hotel security: 516

Capturing Magi: 3,600

Winning the World Poker Tournament: 3,600

Acquiring the Briefcase: 1,500

Total: 23,616


  • Some of the surviving members of Tranquility-6 are possibly spotted in a grainy surveillance photo from the North/South Korean border crossing.
  • In the months after the mission, Foxcraft retires. The word on the street is that the Game doesn't interest her anymore; perhaps her heart went out of it after losing so many agents following Magi's disappearance. She drops off the radar.
  • Magi, released from custody, also removes himself from play at about the same time (although supposedly for unrelated reasons). "I am getting too old for this," he explains, still retaining some of the harrowed look he had after several weeks subjected to Davenport's "System." He retires to an island near Greece in the Mediterranean.
  • Finally, in a secret lab somewhere, analysts pour over the case for months. It’s weighed, measured, sampled, swabbed, and subjected to every test at their disposal. They find nothing out of the ordinary. The System... The System remains out there, uncaring...

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