A new backer contacts you, promising big things in the future if you can impress him today. He wants the head of the Senate's Intelligence Committee in his pocket, which won't work if someone follows through on the death threat he just received. You'll have to protect both Senator York and his beautiful daughters if you want your employer to bring you on board to the big project he's working on, one that could shake the world, and make you very rich -- or very dead.

Mission DetailsEdit

Campaign Qualities: None.

Caliber: III

Known Objectives:

Senator York survives and stays an asset (critical)

Collect intelligence on the Shahada terrorist group

Net Worth Reward: $500,000 Net Worth

Known Exposure Penalties:

Breaking Secret Service cover to the Sullivans: –$200,000 Net Worth

Using explosives or heavy weapons in a public setting without a credible explanation: –$100,000 Net Worth

Fighting in a public setting without a credible explanation: –$50,000 Net Worth

Mission Bundle: Secret Service Agent Bundle (–288 XP: Cover ID (Caliber I), earpiece tactical radio (Caliber I), sunglasses, handcuffs, shoulder holster, U.S. Treasury Department badge w/ neck chain)


You're pulled into this by a new employer; he checks out as trustworthy through your network, but you don't meet him until you land in Washington, D.C and climb into a limo with him.

"We've been pulling Brian York's strings for a while now. So imagine our concern when, two weeks ago, a known terrorist group leaves a death threat on the windshield of his personal car at an unscheduled stop. I only heard of this through my contacts two days ago, so we're playing catch-up on this one. I want you to keep the Senator alive, keep him our creature, and find out enough about this 'Shahada' group that I can pass it on to people who will keep them away from our interests.

"I've got you an in as Secret Service agents; the I.D's won't pass more than cursory inspections, but it will get you into the York household. You've got two hours before your due to meet him to plan and get ahold of whatever gear you might need.

"One last word: be on your guard. Groups like Shahada aren't known to waste opportunities on leaving calling cards. They're overdue for a second try, and something's troubling about this whole situation."

Individuals InvolvedEdit

Kaoru Miyake

Brian York

Cassandra York

Isabelle York

Mission Description

Experience RewardEdit

Protecting Cassandra York from harm: 600

Protecting Senator York from harm: 600

Finding evidence of Cassandra's collaboration with terrorists: 300

Finding evidence that Senator York plotted his wife's death: 300

Making sure Senator York stays under your employer's thumb: 300

Defeating terrorist minions: 1944

Defeating Poacher: 3408

Defeating Hicham Amhidan and Sayid Bayadi: 4800

Defeating Anas Al-Liby: 3744

Special Christmas Bonus: 4

Total: 16,000


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