"I never make a wager I haven't already won."

Lucian Masters is pretty quiet about his early life, and those who try to look into it can't find much. It is known that Lucian was born in Nevada to Richard and Betty Masters, and that Richard had a pretty serious gambling problem that cost him his marriage. Betty and Lucian moved to Nebraska when he was 12, and, not long after, they pretty much disappeared off the radar.

What is clear is that Lucian never forgot the lesson his mother taught him, "Gambling is for deadbeats who don't want to earn their living." Lucian abhors games of chance, which is why he never relies on chance. He doesn't just tilt the odds in his favor, he removes all possibility of failure. With his uncanny attention to detail and constant view of the big picture, he is truly a con-artist. It's this finesse that earned him the name "Rembrandt." It's also what has attracted the attention of some of his wealthiest clients, like Malachi Stephenson, and most skilled partners, including The Team.



Gregarious and, more importantly, useful, Lucian fits right in with his new associates, especially Ryan Creston, having bonded over cards and parlor tricks. However, his actions during the Bombay Blitz have recently made some question whether he can keep his personal politics from interfering with their work.

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