This is for keeping track of a game of Lexicon played to flesh out the game world. We'll be playing a modification the shorter "telephone pad" version.

The RulesEdit

In the first turn, each player will write a brief entry (no need for more than 1 or two paragraphs) for their characters, described from a 3rd-person standpoint (the GM will take this turn to describe something other than a player character, but otherwise play it normally). In doing so, they'll reference two other unwritten entries that are events, people, places or things from the game world.

In the second turn, each player will write an entry starting with the letters A, B, or C. If there are any undefined entries beginning with those letters, someone has to volunteer to write those instead of a new one, although you can't write an entry that you created. These new entries should reference two unwritten entries from later in the alphabet than the current turn and one previously written entry. These are written in character, so while they should be substatially factually accurate, they are also subjective and perfectly disagreeable with in a later entry.

In the next turn, people write entries for D, E, and F, and so on down the telephone keypad. For an example of a first entry (referencing two unwritten entries), see Alexi Pachirakov; for an example of a later entry (referencing one earlier entry and two later ones) see Foxcraft (note that the latter is actually a bad example, as you're not supposed to cite yourself; hence there are actually two previous entries referenced, with only one 'counting').

First turn (Player Characters)Edit

Ryan Creston (Ace of Spades)

Felix Dawn

Reinhold Wolfgang Finch III (The Prussian)

Dane Firebringer (Wall) - Retired

David Grey (Janus)

Lucian Masters (Rembrandt)

Alexi Pachirakov (Magi)

Second Turn (A, B, C)Edit


Andorra's Box

The Barcelona Job

The Bombay Blitz


Carcell Inc.

Third Turn (D, E, F)Edit

Darius Offensive

Casey Dolores

Sean Eastmoore

Laurel Fredrickson

The Freelancers' Code


Fourth Turn (G, H, I)Edit

Katsuo Hanzo

Anthony Helstrom

Cardinal Johannes Gruebermeister

Indigo Corporation

The Initiative

Fifth Turn (J, K, L)Edit

Jesse James

The Jungle Bungle

Stephen LaCroix


Sixth Turn (M, N, O)Edit

Margaret Miles

Cassandra Miles

Liliana Moreau

Kwaaku Ngwazi

Operation Arctic Wolf

Seventh Turn (P, Q, R, S)Edit



Desmond Rogers

The Spinnaker Affair

The Spook

Malachi Stephenson

This section is full! No more entries here.

Eighth Turn (T, U, V)Edit

Tartarus Project

Boss Vamana

Yuri Vasiliev

Vitriolo Cartel

Ninth Turn (X, Y, Z)Edit



Brian York

Phillip Zeller

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