Laurel Fredrickson is a tenured professor of Political Science at University of California, Berkley. She holds two PhDs, one from USC in Political Science and another from Princeton in Political Philosophy. Her focuses include nuclear proliferation and international relations. The Prussian has had an on-again, off-again relationship with Dr. Fredrickson for years. Her reputation in the academic community is beyond reproach. She has won multiple awards for her ground-breaking research and has some of the finest students in the nation.

She is also a spy.

For the last six years, unbeknownst to UC Berkley, the United States government, or even her own lover, Dr. Fredrickson has been feeding state secrets and other sensitive information to the Chinese government via her contact known only as Xong. In recent months, Dr. Fredrickson has been the subject of some inquiry on behalf of the NSA. However, all investigations into Dr. Fredrickson's activites have been subsequently (and covertly) blocked by an incredibly well-connected and financed organization that various members of the NSA have taken to referring to as the Initiative. Their efforts frustrated, the NSA have refocused their time elsewhere. The Initiative's motives in interfering, however, are entirely unclear.


Laurel was raised by upper-middle class white suburbanites in one of the wealthy neighborhoods outside Chicago. She was afforded every priviledge and made good use of them. Laurel excelled in school, had lots of friends, and, generally speaking, grew into the American dream.

Laurel's real father was a Chinese national, serving in Eastern Europe as a propaganda officer in People's Liberation Army. While Laurel's mother was on vaction, the two met and had a quick, torrid love affair and Laurel's mother returned to the United States pregnant. Until Laurel was 22, she never knew who her real father was. By this time she was already most of the way through her second PhD. When she learned the truth, she snapped. She vanished off the grid for three years, returning to the States in 2002 with her second PhD intact and the backing of some very well-respected international academics. She was hired on as a professor at UC Berkley almost immediately and was granted tenure only two years later.

Since her diappearance in 1999, she has kept in close contact with the Chinese government. While she may live and work in the United States, it's pretty clear that her loyalties (at least for the time being) lie with China. Whether or not her interest in the Prussian is just romantic, on the other hand, it a different question.


Miss Fredrickson has appeared in no missions.

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