"Security in an Insecure World" - Indigo Corporation

Corporate HistoryEdit

The began as a industrial chemical manufacturer in 1960, primarily producing Agent Orange and other defoliants for the U.S. miliatary for use in the Vietnam War. In 1963, a young Anthony Helstrom joined the corporations management structure and using his connection with Brian York and Indigo's already established defense contracts to aggressively expand into more general purpose arms manufacture. The Cold-War treated Indigo and Helstrom well, earning vast sums of cash and vaulting him up the corporate ladder. Helstrom realized the power that diversification could bring, and began a long campaign of ruthless expansion and hostile corporate raiding, eventually leaving Indigo Corporation with some way to make money from every possible market. They currently manufacture some of the most advanced artificial intelligent electronic security systems, and may have actually created a fully artificial intelligence. Rumors have been circulating of a hacker with near super-human abilities known only as "Loki" protecting many systems owned by Indigo and its associates, prompting some more conspiracy minded individuals to posit that he might be a state of the art AI guardian.

Possible Illicit ActivitiesEdit

Though it is near impossible to confirm, there are rumors that Indigo Corporation is also involved with less legitimate organizations such as the Tartarus Project and the Vitriolo Cartel.

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