Ian Crosby
Ian Crosby was encountered in Sydney. He was involved with Katherine Zidler at the time. Both his name and his relationship turned out to be artifacts of his cover identity as a member of Tranquility-6, a fact that was devastatingly revealed when the team had to face him unarmed on Davenport's yacht. He tossed them around effortlessly, only to find himself on the business end of Janus' knife. Fatally wounded, he fell into the Pacific, and was left to the sharks by all involved.

Freelancer legend would tell about how he survived, holding his intestines in with one hand and crushing sharks with the other, swimming to safety using only his powerful legs. He would be plucked from the sea by beautiful, peaceful pacific islanders and becoming their King -- or so the story goes.


Pattern, System, Incident


"Deceased. Really deceased." - Janus

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