Henry davenport

What's got two thumbs, and was once so hard up for work he sold his image to a stock photo company?

A former B-grade Hollywood actor, Davenport's dossier read as follows:

  • Davenport is age 32, single, with no recent relationships on record.
  • A restraining order was filed against him by Cynthia Walker, a waitress in Burbank, California, two years ago.
  • Several “drunk and disorderly” arrests are found on his criminal record, along with one “assault” charge that was later dropped.
  • Davenport is credited in three direct-to-DVD movie titles: Blow’d Up (as Thug Two), Zorro in the South Pacific (as John the Bartender), and S.P.I.E.S. (starring as Christian Drake).
  • All of Henry Davenport’s known assets are liquid; he doesn’t appear to have a permanent home, investments, or any possessions except for what’s in his luggage.
  • Davenport is known to be supremely self-confident, bordering on arrogant.

Six months ago he retired to Sydney, NSW, Australia after winning nine figures in various gambling establishments around the world, usually betting on very long odds.

His remarkable good luck was linked to his possession of a briefcase, with unknown contents, that had previously followed two criminal kingpins in similar winning streaks. It appeared to grant the owner knowledge of a mysterious "System" which allowed for limited prediction of future events.

Davenport used this power for his own personal gratification and to taunt others with his superirority. His mastery of it proved limited, however, as he died when Magi was spooked into detonating the bomb on Davenport's yacht prematurely with the arrival of a second team of agents sent to retrieve the briefcase -- Davenport had apparently predicted one, but not two, such teams.

He was killed instantly in the blast and his body was eaten by sharks (except for his head, which Ace retrieved as proof of death).Which was probably a much nicer fate than what would have happened to him had the Team managed to get their hands on him.


Davenport featured in the following missions:


There's two major ways of winning long odds gambling: having inside information or just flat out cheating. Davenport doesn't seem to have the contacts for the former or the brains for the later, I'm guessing he is little more than a pawn. -Felix

He ended up on our radar. How lucky could he be? - Janus

I'm with Janus on this one. He just stepped way out of his league. I say we find out more about last two owners of the briefcase. I believe that is your expertise, Felix?- Rembrandt

You probably want The Prussian or Janus on this one, research isn't my forte. Although if they run into any security systems blocking access we can clear those right up. - Felix

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