Foxcraft is the codename for a competent young woman who works, it is rumored, for the CIA. If this is so it is in a very deniable capacity, as she has before hired the team for such diverse activities as smuggling arms into the Middle East and bribes to east African warlords. Her appearance has earned her the attentions of Ryan Creston, which she has so far refused.

She has a rapport, and frequently works, with Magi; the partnership between the young American woman and the aging ex-Soviet spy is improbable, but undeniably successful, as seen by the team during the Spinnaker affair. Whatever her American affilations, she seems to have a rivalry of some sort with FBI agent Phillip Zeller.

Magi and Foxcraft's partnership was irrevocably shattered by the mission that would bring the Team to Sydney. Magi had been the first agent dispatched to recover Henry Davenport's briefcase; from where she was standing, the effects of the System, and Magi's subsequent disappearance, looked exactly like a betrayal that left several of her agents dead. Only Magi's willingness to surrender himself to interrogation (combined, perhaps, with the Team's willingness to back him with lethal force if he chose to resist) prevented her from giving in to her initial urge to shoot him dead on the spot.

Whether due to her break with Magi or the deaths of her agents, or for some other reason, Foxcraft retired (or, perhaps, was reassigned) a few months after the mission. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


Foxcraft appeared in the following missions:


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"There are only four women I trust in this world. She isn't one of them." - Janus

"You trust four people Janus?" -Felix

"Fuck it. I'm with Janus on this one. I'll never trust that bitch farther I can throw her, but goddamn, I'd love to get a piece of that ass." -The Ace of Spades

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