You compartmentalize your mind to support and elaborate fiction of multiple lives.

Prerequisites: Career level 6+

Benefit: You gain a number of specific, named identities equal to your starting action dice. Each of these identities features complete background documentation equivalent to a cover identity with a Power Rating of 6. You must define these identities when you gain this feat; thereafter, you may only replace them during the Intel Phase of each mission.

Slipping into one of these identities - i.e. "getting into character" - requires 1 minute and 1 action die, while returning to your natural identity requires only 1 free action. While you're in character, your true personality is completely submerged but still controls your actions. You retain all of your main character's feats and skill ranks, but may voluntarily suppress or reduce any of them to better match the assumed identity. Further, each identity possesses 1 Profession focus and 2 Interests (chosen when this feat is gained, and when each identity is replaced), and you may use these focuses interests only while in the appropriate identity.

When questioned in character, you respond in character. You are not considered to be lying when you deny any knowledge of activities performed while not in character, or in a different identity. Each identity genuinely recalls innocuous and difficult-to-verify activities to cover gaps when you were out of character or in a different identity, and subconsciously avoids situations and actions that might call the identity into question (e.g. it avoids situations requiring skill checks for skills it doesn't actually possess).

While you're in character, your true personality may only be discovered with a successful brainwashing attempt (and even this only confirms that you aren't who you claim to be).

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