Felix Dawn, actual name and identity left as an exercise to the reader, is one of the more powerful hackers on the internet. Leaving little trace of his activities, those in the know believe he is responsible for some of the most high profile hacking work done in the last five years. People claiming to be Felix Dawn tend to be quickly reported to the police by mysterious sources and find their lives made significantly more difficult by a host of computer and other problems.


Felix Dawn is a caucasian male in his mid 20's. When not in armor he wears custom fit designer Italian suits. He has several defining features, that often change depending on the needs of the mission. He has a slight New York accent, which he has difficulty covering up, and thus most of his covers include this fact. He is rarely seen with, but constantly carries, a .50 caliber Desert Eagle emblazoned with a deadman's hand (Aces and Eights) on the grip and Jesse James on the barrel. He also has a custom built laptop intentionally designed to look as innocuous as possible.

NSA DaysEdit

For anyone with the right background it doesn't take long to figure out that Felix is NSA trained. If asked about it he'll respond that he used to do "computer work" for the NSA and leaves it at that. More investigation will reveal quite a bit more but Felix doesn't like people digging into his past and seems to have an almost sixth sense about it (probably more than a few backdoor programs tipping him off). It's most likely that Alexi Pachirakov recruited him away from the NSA.

On occasion Felix has been known to call on an old contact in the NSA that he's nicknamed The Spook. While going to the NSA is always a big risk it does bring considerable resources to bear.


Felix is know to enjoy gambling which in the past has led to arguments with Lucian Masters (Rembrandt)

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