David Grey, aka Janus, is a former CIA operative turned freelance "consultant" linked to the destabilization or overthrow of at least eight foreign regimes. He currently resides in Berkeley, California with his wife and two daughters.

Early LifeEdit

David Emmanuel Grey was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and grew up poor after his father abandoned his family. Determined to escape from the slums, David worked hard in school and excelled across the board, winning scholarships to a number of ivy-league schools. However, he found himself quickly growing bored with academia, and applied for a job with the CIA straight out of high school.

CIA CareerEdit

David quickly distinguished himself as a dedicated agent and a ruthless corporate climber. He moved up the ranks quickly at the home office, then put in for a transfer to field work. His combination of information gathering skills and networking savvy, along with a certain moral flexibility that his superiors appreciated, earned him assignments in most of the major hot-spots of the late 20th century. In addition to his duties as intelligence gatherer and mission support, the CIA began entrusting him with shadier tasks, tasking him with bringing down hostile governments and even the occasional assassination. However, when a mission in South America resulted in the death of the wrong target due to faulty intelligence, David was cut loose and left to die by his handlers. He barely managed to escape, and terminated his relationship with the CIA, opting for a lucrative career in the private sector.

Freelance WorkEdit

"Janus", as his handle has been ever since he went rogue, has worked for a variety of organizations as a fixer and a subversive agent, putting his unique set of skills up for sale to the highest bidder. Out of all of his secrets, however, his best-kept is that Janus is actually Ian Miles, loyal husband and loving father to Margaret Miles (45), Cassandra (17) and Joan (8). He has kept his double life carefully concealed, using his high-paying spy work to give his family a luxurious life and put his daughters through the most prestigious private schools. He would go to great lengths to protect his family from harm.


David Grey (codename Janus) - Ex-CIA intelligence operative, current freelance agent.

Ian Miles - Family man, pillar of the community. Covers his true profession by claiming to work as a plumbing contractor for the military.


Francois Lamarque

Claudia Ramirez

Additional InformationEdit

What little information that's been gathered on Janus is provided here.

The Crowley Interview

Interrogation Transcript

Janus is intensely protective of his family, and strives to keep their existence a secret from the intelligence community. Anyone he suspects might be aware of their existence is likely to turn up floating face-down in the nearest body of water.

Character InfoEdit


STR - 10

DEX - 10

CON - 10

INT - 14

WIS - 22

CHA - 16


Talent: Gifted

Specialty: Operative


Level 4 Fixer

Level 8 Terrorist


Blend - 15

Bluff - 4

Falsify - 15

Impress - 4

Intimidate - 15

Investigation - 15

Networking - 15

Notice - 15

Resolve - 4

Sense Motive - 15

Sleight of Hand - 15

Streetwise - 15

Tactics - 4


Combat Feats - Knife Basics

Covert Feats - Ambush Basics , Deadly Precision, Faceless, Traceless, Zeroed

Style Feats - Hard Core

Tradecraft Feats - Breaking Points , Candidate , Career Agent , Flawless Identity , Safe House

Class AbilitiesEdit

Fixer Abilities - Self-promoter , The Hookup , Let's Deal I , Magnetism: Favor for a Favor

Terrorist Abilities - Fanaticism , Instrument of Terror II, Sneak Attack , By Any Means , Hysteria I , Crusade

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