"If there's one thing that you pick up in this business, it's that everyone has their price. No matter how noble they might appear to be, find the right place to apply pressure and you'll get what you want. Claudia is the rare exception to that rule. Incorruptible wasn't even a word in my vocabulary before I met her, but trust me, the woman's as hard as iron, and twice as cold. She'll break before she bends." - Janus

Claudia Santiago Ramirez is currently a Sergeant Major in the Colombian National Police. She is a strict Catholic and career policewoman with a single-minded dedication to justice. She first encountered Janus shortly after The Argentine Debacle. Janus was forced to infiltrate the Cartels in order to hide from his pursuers, but ended up being swept up in a sting operation headed by Ramirez. The entire operation was betrayed by a mole within the National Police, and Janus and Ramirez barely managed to escape the bloodbath together. Janus risked blowing his cover and exposing himself to his enemies in order to help Ramirez bring down the Cartel and save the innocent people it had been exploiting, and the two of them became fast friends. Since then, Ramirez has quickly risen up the ranks of the Police force, and now is well-connected throughout the law enforcement community. Whenever Janus pulls a job in South America, he knows he has someone he can count on. As long as he stays on the right side of the law.

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