"Fuck, that bitch just shot Magi and stole our money!" - The Prussian

"And I think she stole my heart..." - Ace of Spades


As beautiful as she is deadly, Casey "Crimson Mist" Dolores, is one of the most notorious infiltration and demolitions experts not employed by a state Agency. A former IRA terrorist, Dolores earned her nickname for her gruesome habit of assaulting crowded civilian targets with massively overpowered explosives, leaving nothing but a "fine crimson mist amidst a smoldering crater". Deemed too extreme by even her IRA brethren, she went rogue and began working as a hired mercenary for the highest bidder. Dolores and her squad of mooks ambushed The Team during The Jungle Bungle in Nicaragua, critically injuring Magi in the process. It is unknown wether the Vitriolo Cartel was behind this assault, but it is known that Dolores is currently working for them.


"Casey "Crimson Mist" Dolores is a menace, and I would love nothing more than to see her tossed in a shallow unmarked grave" - The Prussian

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