Cameo gonzaga

After Malachai Stephenson approached the Team with the job of seeing if his mistress was cheating on him, trying to defraud him, or any of the other things an attractive young woman might be doing when she is nominally attached to a wealthy older man, the team almost didn't take the job. It was, after all, glorified private eye work, even if it was fantastically well paid.

She was in fact involved with one of Malachai's rivals, but things got considerably more complex than that very quickly. They had no sooner acquired evidence of her disloyalty than the entire block was blacked out and layered with jamming. When the lights came back on the businessman was missing, the girl was hysterical and an SUV was racing away from the scene.

After Ryan Creston drove the SUV off the road, it was discovered that it was only a diversion. The rival was never found, and the men in the SUV were merely local muscle. They had been hired without seeing any faces, and been given only one name: Cameo.

No-one was paying the Team to look further, and the trail was a dead end, the whole op subject to a cover-up of sublime execution. What little they could deduce seemed to indicate a secretive, competent organization with a goal or goals unknown, headed by someone calling themselves Xenagogue. Who he or Cameo is is anyone's guess, but the team hadn't seen the last of them.


Cameo has not appeared in any missions yet.


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