"The Package"

"I'd never been to Andorra, and now it looks like I can never go back" - The Prussian

The JobEdit

After being contacted by Cardinal Johannes Gruebermeister to help quietly transport a chest of "priceless religious artifacts" to some dinky church in Andorra. Turns out the lying bastard had stolen these "priceless religious artifacts" and wanted us to smuggle them out of the country to his Andorran bank deposit box, so he could fence them to collectors after the heat died down. We had almost made the drop off, when we were picked up by a force of Interpol agents and the local Andorran police. The team leader was Inspector Liliana Moreau, who Rembrandt managed to sweet talk into letting us go and reporting that we had escaped. We were officially banned from ever returning to Andorra though, and probably all have some sort of files open at Interpol.

The FalloutEdit

If it wasn't for Rembrandt's quick talking, we would probably be in a much worse situation than just persona non grata in Andorra. The Cardinal seems to have dropped off the radar, son of a bitch didn't pay us either.

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