A Soviet spy from Ukraine during the cold war, Alexi Pachirakov grew disillusioned with his Russian paymasters and defected. The Americans suited him no better, and he went rogue and earned the codenam "Magi" for his experience, knowledge, and level-headedness. Something of a legend in the freelance world, he at some point or another has worked with everyone on the Team and served as a mentor to many. Most recently, he was a great help during the Barcelona Job, and during the handoff-gone-bad in Nicaragua was shot (non-fatally) by Casey Dolores.

As the initial operative dispatched in what would become the Sydney job, he spent weeks getting knocked around by Henry Davenport and his System, including losing several of his friends and the trust of Foxcraft. He went AWOL, hoping to avoid "infecting" the rest of the network; in the end, Davenport's death in a bomb that Magi set and the retrieval of he briefcase by the Team convinced him to come in from the cold and explain his actions to Foxcraft's superiors.

Indelibly marked by the experience, the spy emeritus finally retired, and currently lives on an island in the Mediteranean.


Pachirakov appeared in the following missions:


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"CIA and KGB working hand-in-hand? Brave new world, as they say. Magi and I probably took pot-shots at each other back during the Cold War. Still, he's not such a bad sort for a Ruskie. Gets the job done, never asks questions. Can't say much for his fashion sense though." - Janus

"I always get the impression Magi's been bashed around the head a few too many times for his own good. He's unpredicatable, which I like. He's close to Foxcraft, which I don't." - The Ace of Spades

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