Aias is the alias of a heavy-hitting gun for hire from the Mediterranean. His specialties include kick-boxing, heavy weapons, demolitions, and fine Greek cooking. He's become famous in the mercenary community for his dedication to the agents he's working with and his downright jovial sense of humor. As a practicing Orthodox Greek Catholic, Aias is very selective in the jobs he takes. He refuses to put the lives of innocents in danger and will only kill his enemies when absolutely necessary. He will never work for either the Kombinat or the Chinese on principle.

The Team encountered Aias once in South Africa during the Darius Offensive. Aias was running heavy artillery support for the insurgents, while The Team was running guns into the hot zone and committing covert strikes against enemy installations. Aias took an immediate liking to Rembrandt and quickly learned to hate The Ace of Spades.

Aias is also a known associate of Yakuza underboss Katsuo Hanzo. They find themselves occasionally at odds over topics of morality, but Aias has always admired the Yakuza's honor.


Little is known about Aias's past. He's either gone to great lengths to cover it up or no one has bothered to look.


Aias has appeared in no missions thus far.

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